God’s Youth Mission at CFC was an initiative taken by Bro.Lejeesh Rajan under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Abraham Thomas.

GYM started its journey on September 27th 2007.And this journey of GYM and the people connected with is so far a blessing to them as it has made them to play a vital and responsible part of the church family.

This is a small but an emerging group of enthusiastic youths which gather for Prayer meetings, arranging Youth Meetings, Camp and leading Events and programs held in the church. They’re responsible to engage youth in fellowship and encourage and motivate them while living in their day-to-day life by organizing mushrooms, small meetups, Youth Meeting Every Month , Fasting Prayer every Saturdays and Friday Night.

Some Other Programs that were organized by GYM past years were EXTRA MILE, FREEDOM,SELFIE, FACE THE BOOK and many more

Do come and be a part of this enthusiastic group where all brothers and sisters work together to uplift the left and encourage them to lead an true Christian Life.