Shadow Skit|CFC 21st Anniversary |GYM@CFC

Watch this beautiful shadow skit that explains the story of creation until salvation.

Welcome Song|CFC kiddos|Sunday School kids

Welcome song by the little kids from Sunday school during the 21st anniversary night at CFC, Pune.

CFC 21st Anniversary Night|Teen choreography

Fusion Dance|GYM|CFC 21st Anniversary

Please watch the teens and youths of the CFC church present the different vibrant colors of Indian culture, language and dance styles via a fusion dance. It all starts with a small intro on how God creates establishes different churches very uniquely and how we need to utilize every God given.

CFC|Worship|Pyar tu Kartha Itna

This is Your Life Choreography + Drama |CFC Youths |16th Anniversary

CFC|GYM@CFC| UNITY- Miming Skit |16th Anniversary CFC|2008

Here I am to Worship|Sunday school Choreography

Aaaja usey tu chakh le |Choreography |CFC 16th Anniversary|GYM

VBS|2014 |Sha la la |Action Song


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